1. What is Lightning?
  2. What is the difference between Lightning and Classic?
  3. What is the framework used in the lightning?
  4. What is the permission to convert the user to lightning (Profile level and user level)
  5. What is the difference between Lightning and Lightning Design System
  6. How you insert the Static Resource in Lightning
  7. What are the different files will be created when a lightning component is created
  8. What is the major thing which is not available in classic
  9. What is kanban view in lightning
  10. What is the difference between Lightning App and Lightning Component
  11. What are the controllers in the lightning component and explain them
  12. What are the different ways you can use the Lightning component on the Lightning record page?
  13.  What is Lightning Data Service?
  14. How to use the third-party application like(React and Angular) inside the lightning Component?
  15. How to get the current user info in lightning
  16. Does lightning have any View State?
  17. What are the base components in lightning
  18. what are the different methods of Render controller?
  19. Does classic report links directly work in lightning?
  20. what are the different options to create an action?
  21. what is the difference between lightning component and visualforce page?